Meet our leadership team — the driving force behind our passion for innovation and commitment to customer service.

Department Leadership

Photo of Jordan Arnold
Jordan Arnold Sr. Director of Outreach
Photo of Brenna Bastian
Brenna Bastian Director of Talent Acquisition
Photo of Tom Bateman
Tom Bateman Enterprise Client Partner
Photo of Kyle Bome
Kyle Bome Director of Enterprise Sales
Photo of Celia Brown
Celia Brown Editor-in-Chief
Photo of Alan Coholan
Alan Coholan Sr. Director of Technical SEO
Photo of Diana Comerford
Diana Comerford Vice President of Project Management
Photo of Martha Cummings
Martha Cummings Office Manager
Photo of Krispin Dolbear
Krispin Dolbear Manager of Front-End Development & Design
Photo of Cate Dunn
Cate Dunn Enterprise Client Partner
Photo of Andres Echenique
Andres Echenique Sr. Vice President of Product Innovation
Photo of Rich Ezzo
Rich Ezzo Sr. Vice President of Sales
Photo of Frank Fallon
Frank Fallon Director of Product Management
Photo of Ryan Garver
Ryan Garver Sr. Vice President of Software Development
Photo of Brendan George
Brendan George Accounting Manager
Photo of Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim Vice President of Enterprise Strategy
Photo of RJ Licata
RJ Licata Marketing Manager
Photo of Jim Razza
Jim Razza Director of Information Technology
Photo of Jennifer Thornton
Jennifer Thornton Director of Human Resources
Photo of Joseph Torrillo
Joseph Torrillo Sr. Vice President of Branded Search

Account Services

Photo of Caryn Costanza
Caryn Costanza Account Director
Photo of Beth King
Beth King Account Director
Photo of Katie Perkins
Katie Perkins Account Director
Photo of Katherine Romagno
Katherine Romagno Account Director
Photo of Randy Dargenio
Randy Dargenio SEO Director
Photo of Andrew Hagemann
Andrew Hagemann SEO Director
Photo of Caitlin Lyden
Caitlin Lyden SEO Director
Photo of Keith McComb
Keith McComb SEO Director
Photo of Bill Pinkel
Bill Pinkel SEO Director

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