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Shannon Reedy

Chief Revenue Officer

Shannon Reedy joined Terakeet in May of 2009 after completing her bachelor’s degree in communications and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University. Joining one of Terakeet’s larger accounts in an SEO campaign coordinator capacity, Shannon quickly demonstrated a strong desire to learn more about web traffic patterns and analytics. She immediately began providing a new level of data-driven analysis and reporting for Terakeet to better provide our clients transparency into their web traffic.

Understanding that web traffic alone is not a means to an end for our customers, Shannon helped to identify and segment keyword and conversion-specific traffic and track progress over time, providing detailed reporting and analysis of trends and patterns. She collaborated directly with the search strategy and operations divisions to ensure that all Terakeet client teams are executing a growth strategy that aligns with the visibility objectives and desires of our customers.

In March 2014, in parallel to a growing list of customers and expanding Terakeet team, Shannon brought on her incumbent in the analytics department and forged a new path of creating a client relationship function at the organization. As the field of search has evolved over the years, so has Shannon’s account management team as it’s developed into a true business partner and growth strategy feature of all customer teams at Terakeet.

Shannon Reedy currently leads a team of dynamic colleagues who own the growth and performance of Terakeet’s customers. Her experience in pure program success metrics and the power of a high-performing, high-returning effort, has supported strong customer retention and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ever thoughtful of the dynamic nature of client relationship management, Shannon has been a regular consumer at industry conferences, webinars, and industry publications. When not engrossed in growth strategy and customer development, Shannon enjoys her free time being a mom, a wife, and teaching weekly yoga classes at a local studio.

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