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OAO Supercharged.

Owned asset optimization (OAO) is a paradigm shift in customer connection. To evolve your strategy alongside rapidly shifting trends you need the right expertise, resources, and technology. As the original OAO company, Terakeet is poised to be your partner in strategic growth.

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Invest your marketing budget, don’t just spend it

Quick fixes and short-term campaigns won’t solve your customer connection problem. Terakeet’s strategic insights will help you invest in and optimize your owned assets, turning your digital properties into reliable performance channels.

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Start with consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is the cornerstone of OAO.

Our team takes unbiased consumer behavior data and turns it into competitive insights, strategies, and content that provide real value to your audience.



of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.



of consumers make purchase decisions with purpose in mind.



of marketers say brand marketing plays an important role in creating awareness and consideration.

Our Approach

Data from the World’s Most Honest Focus Group

People turn to search engines when they’re most vulnerable, curious, and engaged. That’s why we use consumer search data to inform and differentiate our approach.

We use proprietary technology to learn what your customers are looking for in real time and build strategies to meet their needs.

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Make connections that matter

Executing an OAO strategy requires valuable content that solves real problems for your audience. When you provide value, you build relationships. When you earn their trust, you earn their business.

Our experts in content strategy, UX, and analytics identify consumer pain points and build content strategies that connect your brand with the right audience.

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Learn how your assets stack to build a complete OAO strategy

The 6-Level Marketing Asset Control Hierarchy, or MACH-6, is the framework that organizes your owned assets by degree of control. It represents the interconnected relationship of your asset stack.

Introducing the MACH-6

Degree of Ownership/Control

Assets & Channels

Affiliates/ Influencers



User-Generated Content


Company Profiles & Ally Websites

Organic Search


Content Syndication

PR, Events, & Comms

Social Media




Pillar Content

Blog Posts

Tools & Downloads

Corporate Communications


Company Values & Purpose

Brand Language & Visual ID

Proprietary Data & IP

Customer Personas

Market Positioning

Executives & Employee Ambassadors

A true partnership

Our team of cross-functional experts works with your organization to strategize, create, and optimize for long-term, scalable growth.

We partner with leading brands to meet their unique needs, break down internal barriers, and deliver a customized — and different — approach to marketing.

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Why Terakeet?

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For more than 20 years we’ve helped Fortune 500 brands tell their stories, grow revenue, and connect with customers.

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Our technology turns consumer behavior data into competitive insights and opportunities to strengthen your digital footprint.

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A partnership with Terakeet means our team is fully integrated with your team. Our capabilities are your capabilities. Your success is our success.

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