Strategies Uniquely Tailored to Your Industry

The uniqueness of an industry is reflected in its search results. Google doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to search, and neither should you. Terakeet’s organic search approach includes a deep dive into your brand and the nuance of your industry’s search landscape. Then we create a program to match.

We’ve brought success to customers in a variety of industries.


From fashion to hygiene products, the world of retail is bigger and more diverse than ever--and so is the competition.

Client Success: Home Goods Brand

Increased Google top 20 keywords by 5,252% over three years for a home goods retailer.

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Financial Services

In this highly regulated space, great care must be taken to ensure the information customers find online is both accurate and reliable.

Client Success: Financial Services Company

Increased the number of keywords ranking in the top three positions in Google by 1,081% within 18 months.

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Health & Medicine

Google’s threshold for the level of expertise, authority, and trust required to rank content in the medical field is extraordinarily high—and for good reason.

Client Success: Men's Health Retail Brand

Took a retail brand from zero to 1.5 million in monthly organic traffic within 15 months.

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At the speed technology changes, more and more consumers are searching for content to help them understand the often-complex products this industry produces.


Increased the number of keywords ranking on Google page one by 475% within 18 months.

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Media & Entertainment

The competition for consumer entertainment dollars begins and ends with organic search. Whether it’s concert tickets or subscriptions to streaming content, a strong online presence earns brand trust and, ultimately, more sales.

Client Success: Leading B2B/B2C Platform

Increased the number of Google top 20 keywords for a target blog post by 4,840% within 5 months.

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Travel & Hospitality

Google’s advanced search results, like local suggestions when you search for a restaurant, have opened up new opportunities to enhance brand visibility in search.


Online visibility and brand reputation is critical to driving leads in this highlyspecialized and competitive industry.

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