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Owned asset optimization (OAO) represents a significant business opportunity for telecommunications brands to educate consumers as they seek solutions online.

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Who is winning in your industry?

Terakeet’s market insight technology analyzes the organic search landscape to reveal which brands are winning consumer attention. Discover the winners in the telecommunications industry and how they achieve success.

Telecommunications Services

Market Segment:


Consumers today use cellular devices for everything, and need to rely on their service providers. Companies that build trust with consumers as they research their options stand to win more business.

  • The industry leader, Apple, controls nearly a quarter of total market share.
  • Two out of the top five market share leaders are publishers, edging out other top service providers.
  • This market segment represents a massive opportunity for brands to connect with consumers through millions of monthly searches.


Individuals and businesses rely on landlines to communicate and operate, so deciding on a service provider requires consideration. Brands that educate consumers as they learn about their options stand to win.

  • The top two market share winners are large retail brands.
  • Three of the top five market share leaders are traditional telephone companies.
  • Despite a drop in popularity, this segment still represents more than 381,000 monthly searches.


Today, consumers use the internet for everything, and need to rely on their service providers. Internet providers that build trust with consumers as they learn about their options stand to win more business.

  • The segment winner is a publisher and affiliate that provides a variety of valuable resources.
  • Three of the top five market share winners are content publishers.
  • This segment represents more than 4.4 million in monthly searches, translating to massive opportunity for brands.

TV Providers

Television providers today compete with streaming services and social platforms for consumer attention. As consumers turn online for their viewing preferences, providers need to connect through engaging content to win business.

  • The segment leader owns a significant amount of the market at 21% market share.
  • The top four market share leaders are all publishers and affiliates.
  • This market segment represents hundreds of thousands of consumer connection opportunities.

Don’t be

In each segment, a small percentage of brands are winning outsized consumer attention.

Win Consumer

In all segments, publishers and affiliate sites control more market share than telecommunication brands.


Websites that publish helpful and informational content own the majority of market share.

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Our Approach

Consumers are searching for answers

Today’s consumers are dependent on cellular and internet needs. Before they decide which provider to depend on, they often turn to search engines to learn their options. That’s why we use consumer search data to inform and differentiate our approach.

We use proprietary technology to understand what your customers are looking for in real time, allowing brands to create targeted content assets that provide real solutions to real problems.

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Show up when it matters

Many streaming and entertainment brands make the mistake of lacking valuable content resources. Establishing trust through a brand’s owned assets is crucial in today’s competitive market. This upstream connection to the audience leads to brand affinity, loyalty, and repeat business.

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