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Media & Entertainment

Owned asset optimization (OAO) represents a significant business opportunity for media and streaming brands with a variety of plans and services to educate consumers as they seek entertainment.

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Terakeet’s market insight technology analyzes the organic search landscape to reveal which brands are winning consumer attention. Discover the winners in the media and entertainment industry and how they achieve success.

Media & Entertainment

Market Segment:


Today there are dozens of streaming platforms vying for consumer attention. To stand out, streaming brands need to connect with consumers as they explore their interests and entertainment trends.

  • Four of the top five market share leaders are publishers.
  • Popular streaming services don’t crack the top ten market leaders.
  • The streaming market segment represents more than 3.5 million monthly searches.

Best Shows & Movies

There’s never been more TV shows and movies available at the click of a button — but consumers only have so much time. To stand out, entertainment brands need to connect with consumers as they explore their interests and the latest trends.

  • The segment winner is a publisher that alone owns nearly 20% of market share.
  • Only one of the top 10 market share leaders is a streaming service.
  • The streaming market segment represents more than 5.8 million monthly searches.

Don’t be

In both segments, streaming services are ceding consumer attention to publishers and review sites.

Win Consumer

There are millions of monthly opportunities for brands to connect with consumers as they seek entertainment-related content.


Websites that publish content about the entertainment industry own the majority of market share.

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Our Approach

Consumers are searching for answers

With so much entertainment available, consumers must determine which programs are worth their attention. Before they decide what to watch, they often turn to search engines to learn about their options. That’s why we use consumer search data to inform and differentiate our approach.

We use proprietary technology to understand what your customers are looking for in real time, allowing brands to create content assets that provide solutions to real problems.

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Show up when it matters

Many streaming and entertainment brands make the mistake of lacking valuable content resources. Establishing trust through a brand’s owned assets is crucial in today’s competitive market. This upstream connection to the audience leads to brand affinity, loyalty, and repeat business.

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