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Eyewear Retailer Achieved 8X ROI and 62.5% Lower CPA

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One of Terakeet’s longest-standing clients took its digital strategy to the next level by investing in owned assets. For many years, Terakeet has worked with this leading eyewear retailer to deliver a program focused on publisher outreach and owned asset optimization (OAO).

Through OAO the client committed to building stronger consumer relationships by investing in organic search performance and a content hub within its domain.


Through our long-term partnership, the brand achieved:



Achieved 8.5X monthly ROI through non-branded search queries.


% Lower CPA

Lowered monthly cost per acquisition through non-branded search by 62.5%.



% Revenue

Increased monthly revenue by 279.7% through non-branded organic traffic.



% Transactions

Increased monthly transactions through non-branded organic search by 156%.

The Challenge

Direct competitors, content publishers, and affiliates were surpassing our client in Google market share. As a result, the brand was missing out on critical consumer connection opportunities, substantial traffic, and potential revenue growth.

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The Solution

To strengthen consumer relationships and increase market share, Terakeet worked with the brand to improve the performance of product pages and meet consumer needs through informational content. These assets would be purpose-built to meet the real needs of their audience as they searched for solutions online.

Our Approach

Investing in owned assets

Terakeet partnered with the brand to build consumer relationships, improve brand authority, and grow online visibility through valuable content.

By investing in owned assets within the brand’s domain, they connected with their target audience earlier and more often throughout the buyer’s journey. After publishing a variety of informative top-of-funnel content, the brand positioned itself as a trusted resource in the eyewear and eye care space.

The brand is also now able to…

  • Reach millions of consumers as they seek solutions at multiple customer journey stages.
  • Retain control and ownership over performance marketing assets.
  • Provide value to consumers and establish long-term brand equity.


Organic Search Terms

Owned assets within the content hub rank for 88,171 Google search terms — giving the brand thousands of monthly opportunities to connect with customers as they search for products and solutions.

More Results

Increased traffic across product categories

In addition to producing educational content for a content hub, Terakeet continued optimization strategies to connect and convert consumers across four key product categories.

Through continued optimization of the brand’s assets, Terakeet’s OAO strategies helped drive thousands of monthly transactions and revenue.

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Google Market Share

  • Increased overall Google market share by 113.2% over 20 months
  • Led all competitors across informational and transactional categories in market share and estimated traffic

Achieving top Google market share across all eyewear categories

Publishing and optimizing valuable content across their owned assets enabled the client to significantly increase Google market share across all informational and transactional categories.

The brand also overtook high-authority competitors like Eye Buy Direct, Mayo Clinic, and Amazon. Through organic search, they were able to capture consumer attention directly rather than rely on uncontrollable third parties.

Our program put the client ahead of ecommerce competitors

Sept 2023
Bubble Chart


Monthly Search

Search Market Share
1. Terakeet Client
2. Mayo Clinic
3. Eye Buy Direct
4. Zenni Optical
5. Amazon
9. Lenscrafters
10. Walmart

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Strength in Partnership

Terakeet’s experts and the client’s internal team worked closely together to create, develop, and launch various brand assets.

Terakeet’s team also worked with the client to develop several foundational owned assets, including buyer intent profiles and user journey maps, that supported the strategic shift. Cross-collaboration and team integration ensured individuals on both sides were aligned.

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Terakeet’s 10+ year partnership established a strong and trustworthy foundation — allowing the brand to evolve its approach alongside the rapidly changing digital environment. As a result, the brand executed a successful OAO strategy with consumer needs as its driving force.

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