Terakeet Wins TITAN’s Most Innovative Company of the Year Award

Caroline Withers Senior Marketing Strategist

SYRACUSE, NY (April 25, 2022)– The TITAN Business Awards named Terakeet a Most Innovative Company of the Year in their third recognition program. The global awards, organized by the International Awards Association (IAA), honor achievements and recognize expertise in every aspect of business.

Terakeet took home the TITAN Gold Award in the innovation category for the impact they’ve delivered to customers, including 6–14x ROI and 87.4% lower customer acquisition cost, as well as the proprietary technology they continue to develop to support customer goals.

Terakeet also won the gold award in 2021 for Best Search Engine Marketing Campaign, recognizing the impact they delivered to a leading mortgage and lending customer.

“I’m proud of our team for continuing to drive impactful business outcomes for customers by leveraging innovative solutions and developing best-in-class technology,” says Terakeet CEO & Co-Founder Mac Cummings. “We’re honored to be recognized for the results of this hard work and look forward to continuing to grow.”

The TITAN Business Awards received over 800 entries from across the world this season, but after evaluation from a jury panel, only honored a select few. Other award winners included the NBA, Johnson & Johnson Vision, SquareTrade, and F. Hoffmann-La Roche.

“Improvise, adapt, overcome. These entries perfectly capture the essence of what it takes to survive in turbulent times,” remarked Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “To witness their eventual growth and the methods to their ingenuity is truly inspiring. As other entities take a page out of their playbooks, I look forward to what heights we will reach in the following years to come.”

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