45+ Amazing SEOs to Follow on Twitter

Jonas Sickler SEO Manager
Key Points
  • The SEO community on Twitter can help you learn more about search and build your personal SEO brand.
  • Look beyond the biggest names with the most follows, and seek out voices that provide the most value.
  • Don’t lurk, engage. There are no dumb questions, and the best way to learn is to ask why.

What the heck are shout-outs?

Terakeet core values

Terakeet has a unique company culture centered around five core values: integrity, entrepreneurship, invention, sustainable value, and rapid response.

What I love about these values, is that they aren’t just a page in a brand book. They live within each employee. These values guide our hiring decisions, drive our delivery methodology, and fuel business growth — for both individuals as well as the company.

But here’s the best part:

We keep our core values front and center by honoring them at our company-wide meeting every Friday through something we call shout-outs. This is an opportunity for anyone to recognize a peer within the company who demonstrated one of our core values throughout the week.

Shout-outs are organic, sincere, and sometimes spark happy tears. Being told you’re appreciated in front of more than 300 people — including our co-founders and company president — is pretty cool. It brings meaning to what we do and makes the challenges we all face in SEO worth tackling.

Traditionally, I only shout out other Terakeet employees. But, I wanted to break that mold and personally recognize a group of SEOs on Twitter who have given me much more than I’ve given them. In my opinion, everyone on this list has demonstrated at least one of our core values, especially entrepreneurship and invention (I’m looking at you Pythonistas).

Here’s just a handful of the more memorable topics we recently discussed:

  • Most SEOs struggle with imposter syndrome at some point.
  • It’s incredibly difficult to be a minority in the SEO industry.
  • There are so many supportive communities for mentoring.
  • Everyone’s an expert at something, and nobody knows everything.
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How this SEO Twitter list came together

I started actively participating in SEO Twitter discussions in late 2020, and I immediately found an incredibly supportive community. There was a ton of knowledge sharing happening in the digital fabric of social media that I’d been missing out on, including podcasts, interviews, Twitter chats, and mentoring within supportive groups like Women in Tech SEO.

The more I connected with SEOs on Twitter, the more I wanted to recognize individuals for the value they were bringing to the community every day.

Then, SEJ published a massive list of 202 SEOs to follow on Twitter. Their list included some of the biggest names in search who helped build the industry into what it is today. And you should definitely follow everyone they mentioned.

But, it wasn’t the whole story.

There were so many search professionals who didn’t make their list, yet deserved recognition. So, I decided to write an extension of the SEJ list, and the response was extraordinary. What inspired me the most, is that people weren’t recommending themselves for my list, they were nominating their peers in true Terakeet shout-out style.

Armed with hundreds of names, I needed to make some tough decisions. I wanted a shorter list of around 50 folks with some personal anecdotes. So, here’s the methodology I used to build this list:

  • Must tweet regularly and recently
  • Must tweet about SEO frequently
  • Must provide personal commentary, not just retweets
  • Must not be on the 2021 SEJ list

I specifically did not use follower count as a filter for this list. If I get value from someone, and they meet the criteria above, they’re on my list.

Let’s get to it!

Chima Mmeje

Chima Mmeje


I love SEO because it’s predictable. You find problems, create a solution plan, optimize, tweak, and you know what will happen for the most part. I love that balance of science and art in SEO.

Chima’s SEO journey started in 2017 while working in-house. She was fascinated with everything that went into ranking content and she wanted to know more. In 2019, Chima started tinkering with topic clusters as a content strategy and she’s been obsessed ever since. She currently builds topic clusters and writes long-form SEO content for her clients. I’ve followed Chima for a long time, and her Twitter feed is packed with value.

Chima tweets about topic clusters, long-form content, and content marketing.

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Daniel K Cheung

Daniel K Cheung


I love SEO because it’s a never-ending puzzle that demands attention. Plus, there’s a large component of human psychology.

Daniel’s SEO journey came out of necessity. He was a wedding photographer for almost 10 years, and he needed to figure out how to get his business in front of marrying couples. However, he didn’t become a professional SEO until recently. After being a business owner and living the freelancer lifestyle for so many years, Daniel wanted a dependable salary, so he reached out to an agency owner for a job.

Daniel tends to retweet SEO content more than compose tweets himself. However, he does share new episodes of Make SEO Simple Again — an inspiring podcast where he explores the personal stories behind SEOs, rather than talk shop. I absolutely love his podcast. If you enjoy stories about people and SEO, give it a listen!

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Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy


There is no perfect solution to SEO. We can attack a problem from multiple ways and see very similar results. The challenge is never ending which makes our job exciting each day.

Nick is the founder of Nick LeRoy Consulting. He’s been doing SEO for more than ten years, providing ROI-focused SEO services to mid-enterprise level clients. Nick also authors a weekly SEO newsletter called #SEOForLunch. It’s digestible (pun intended) and his personal commentary is a blast to read. check it out here!

Nick tweets about SEO, Football (Vikings), and smoking meat.

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Peter Macinkovic

Peter Macinkovic


SEO is problem solving on a daily basis. You get to work on something where the solution is constantly changing, or there could be more than one solution.

Peter started in digital in 2011 as an Account Manager where he saw a lot of bad SEO. He switched to digital marketing in 2015, and he currently does the Tech SEO for one of Australia’s biggest companies.

Peter tweets about interesting SERP features, and he occasionally pesters Martin Splitt about Google’s rendering issues.

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Greg Bernhardt

Greg Bernhardt


Optimization is not unique to SEO. We’re just the gear heads of the web marketing world. I love taking that raw diamond of a website and finding ways to make it shine.

Greg has been involved in online community management, web design, web dev, web marketing, website flipping, and eCommerce SEO for 20 years. He was self-employed until three years ago when he switched to agency life. Greg’s diverse set of experiences have filled his SEO toolbox with a broad mix of skills that are crucial to the SEO industry. Greg finds Twitter to be his most valuable SEO resource, so he’s very careful about who he follows.

Greg only tweets about SEO, whether sharing his own thoughts or a retweet of something he found fascinating that wasn’t well distributed.

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Stacey MacNaught

Stacey MacNaught


SEO is problem solving with a competitive edge. What’s not to love?

Stacey accidentally stumbled into SEO when she was freelancing as a copywriter. She decided to learn the basics and take a one year trainee role with an agency. Stacey fell in love with SEO and stayed with the agency for 10 years before she started her own consultancy.

Stacey tweets about SEO, productivity, and her children. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find some excellent photographs in her feed.

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Geoff Kennedy

Geoff Kennedy


SEO is always changing. There’s always something new, and there are very few barriers to learning SEO. The community is also amazing, and I’m proud to call many of them friends.

Geoff started in SEO through building websites and affiliate marketing before eventually taking an eCommerce role. Since then, he’s freelanced, worked with agencies, and joined in-house teams. Geoff currently does marketing for Sitebulb, an SEO auditing tool.

Geoff mostly tweets about SEO, including auditing, with some commentary about food & drink, farming, and a bit of rambling nonsense. He uses Twitter to keep in touch with the SEO community and to see who’s doing good things.

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Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Miracle Inameti-Archibong


Think about how real consumers use your client’s website. Your perspective might be clouded by best practice. SEO is not a one size fits all system.

Miracle is Head of SEO at Erudite where she helps customers with organic search and conducts original research. She’s also a prominent voice in the SEO industry, speaking at events like Brighton SEO, and mentoring others.

Miracle tweets about technical SEO, her professional journey, and speaking at events. She frequently uses Twitter to amplify the work of peers who share valuable insights which could help others in marketing.

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Judith Lewis

Judith Lewis


SEO is something that is both easy and difficult, but it requires knowledge and understanding. While sometimes things are easy to spot, some things require digging. I love the challenge.

Judith worked in search before Google existed (25 years). She began her journey by working out how different search engines ranked things. Judith continued learning, researching, and ranking sites through domain names, links, testing, and pushing limits. She’s taken penalties, recovered from them, and helped a lot of businesses excel.

Judith tweets about judging, news, AI, SEO, Chrome dev, jokes, silliness, and insanity. She shares a lot, so if you like a firehose, check her feed out. If you go back far enough, you may find some #CowOnTheLine tweets as a bonus.

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Maria Amelie White

Maria Amelie White


The SEO community is very helpful, and I am very grateful for having been mentored and inspired by some amazing people such as Bill Slawski and Ammon Jones.

Maria focuses on the consumer behavior side of SEO. She has a PGCE in languages and MsC in psychology. Maria is currently the SEO Lead at Absolute Digital Media and a contributor at The Web Almanac. She also hosts the fortnightly Absolute Twitter Space Chat and is a charity volunteer at @BeMORE_charity.

Maria tweets about SEO, eCommerce, consumer behavior, user experience, digital PR, and backlinks.

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Kameron Jenkins

Kameron Jenkins


I love search engine optimization because it gives you access to one of the most reliable content distribution channels there is.

Kameron got her start in marketing 10 years ago by getting content and link penalties lifted for her agency clients. This crash course in learning what Google wanted (and what they didn’t) helped form her passion for search-driven content strategies and using keywords as audience data, which she then took to Moz, Botify, and now Shopify, where she works as a content lead.

Kameron primarily tweets about how to write content for search, which is also one of my biggest passions!

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John Murch

John Murch


SEO combines both the creativity of online marketing with various technical engineering requirements and recommendations. I love how SEO is always changing, best game of cat/mouse ever!

John was introduced to SEO via WordPress blogs in 2005 when he built affiliate websites. That led to creating custom SEO tools in 2007 while also doing various consulting for large enterprise websites. John previously bounced between development roles, SEO work, and creating new SEO tools. He’s now the Director of Software Engineering at iPullRank.

John tweets about new tech or APIs that relate to development, marketing, or SEO, as well as random findings and/or code snippets.

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Jess Joyce

Jess Joyce


SEO is a wonderful combination of having to understand so many pieces of the internet, while getting to work with so many humans who specialize in all facets of it to help websites succeed.

Jess is a music addict, so it makes sense that her SEO journey began with creating fan websites as a teenager in the early days of the internet. Back then, she built websites with Notepad + FTP. Later, Jess trained to become a front-end web developer and worked for agencies and tech companies before transitioning into marketing and SEO.

Jess tweets about SEO, technology, and music (obviously).

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Lee Foot

Lee Foot


I love problem solving, so technical SEO is a great fit. It’s such a versatile discipline too, being able to learn programming on the job is a big plus!

Lee has ten years of experience in technical SEO. He started his journey as a freelancer for a small web marketing agency, and he now owns an agency in Brighton focussing on ecommerce and enterprise SEO.

Lee tweets about custom Python scripts to automate SEO tasks, as well as eCommerce SEO.

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Susan M. Staupe

Susan M. Staupe


I enjoy a good conversation about anything digital marketing and supporting others’ WINS! I stay away from tweets with drama. This is a drama-free zone!

Susan started SEO in 2006 in an entry-level job, and she was hooked from day one. She was self-taught and worked her butt off to learn everything she could. Today, Susan is a Director of Digital Marketing with more than 15 years of experience. She’s a self-proclaimed SEO nerd who’s passionate about local and organic search.

Susan tweets about local SEO, tech SEO, social media marketing, and all sorts of tips and tricks to help move the needle.

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Jeff Louella

Jeff Louella


I love taking things apart and putting them back together to make them stronger, faster, better. I am competitive and like to win, but also love to share and learn from others. SEO does all this.

Jeff started as a web designer/developer in 1995 and moved into SEO twelve years later. He spent his entire career working in agencies. Then, in 2020 Jeff started working as a Sr. SEO Product Manager at Wirecutter/NY Times. Additionally, Jeff is the Founder/Mod for Reddit’s /r/TechSEO and the Co-Host on the Page 2 Podcast (which has featured numerous folks from this list).

Jeff tweets about events, such as AMA’s on /r/TechSEO and new podcast episodes, as well as his hobbies, including FPV, brewing beer, and drinking whiskey.

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Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins


I love the challenge of trying to reverse-engineer Google’s algorithm and see what helps ranking. It’s like solving an ever-changing puzzle.

Joy started working in the local SEO industry in 2006, and she quickly became obsessed with everything related to how small businesses get more traffic from Google. She’s the owner of the Local Search Forum, LocalU, and Sterling Sky, a local SEO agency in Canada & the USA. Joy also volunteers as a product expert on the Google My Business Forum.

Joy tweets about local search, local SEO, and Google My Business

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Jenny Halasz

Jenny Halasz


I am never more at home then when trying to work out a complex problem for a client. Search is a proxy to who we are as humans, and it completely fascinates me.

Jenny has been grinding in the search industry for 20 years, where she specializes in Tech SEO. She regularly speaks at events, and she’s written for almost every industry publication there is. In addition, for the last 10 years, Jenny has been an independent consultant helping midsize to enterprise businesses.

On Twitter, Jenny loves to jump into conversations with other SEO friends about technical questions, history, and how search impacts and imitates life. Jenny also tweets about parenting, politics, and her crested gecko.

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Bernard Huang

Bernard Huang


SEO is half art, half science. No one actually knows how SEO works and I love the challenge of figuring out how to win.

Bernard was forced into learning SEO while he was director of growth at a YCombinator startup (42Floors). From there, he took those learnings and started an SEO consulting company that helped brands like DoorDash, Compass, and AllTrails. He saw that folks were struggling with optimizing their content quality and launched Clearscope to help.

Bernard tweets about SEO evolution, including search intent, user engagement signals, and relevant content experiences. He also promotes Clearscope’s webinar series, which invites industry-leading guest speakers to chat about the intersection of SEO & content.

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Lyndon NA (Autocrat)

Lyndon NA (Autocrat)


I’m drawn to SEO because puzzle solving and beating geniuses are fun. It’s also constant learning (Programming, NLP/ML etc.)

Lyndon describes his journey into SEO as slow and painful. First, he started in web design (from I.T.), then he progressed into UX and SEO, then all the other bits.

Lyndon primarily tweets about digital marketing with a focus on UX, CRO, email, and SEO, as well as real-world marketing.

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Jonas Sickler

Jonas Sickler


SEO scratches my creative itch. I love building phenomenal digital experiences, creating processes, and testing theories. Anyone who loves to ask “why” will love SEO.

Would this list really be “complete” without adding myself? To be fair, I was technically nominated by several folks.

I was first introduced to the concept of SEO as a children’s book illustrator when I launched my first website 20 years ago. But, it wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to switch careers and jump headfirst into search by joining Terakeet. My experience runs the gamut of search, but I most love the content and user journey side of SEO.

During the week, I tweet about SEO strategy, philosophy, search-related news and content I find useful. I also retweet SEOs who post uplifting or insightful content, and I love jumping into intriguing discussions. On the weekend, I share photos of my Japanese maple garden, random thoughts, and possibly some nonsense.

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Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda


SEO challenges me every single minute of every day. I love that it’s continuously evolving and there’s always something new to learn and experiment with.

Nitin is a product-led and data-informed SEO who started his career as a software developer. He led global SEO for some well-known brands, including trivago, Omio, and Flipkart. He’s a big believer in automating everything that’s possible.

Nitin tweets about SEO automation (with and without python), interesting SEO resources and case studies, positivity, and occasionally something inspirational.

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Azeem Ahmad

Azeem Ahmad


SEO is a channel that really helps to drive sustainable, long-term results, often with a lower spend than paid channels.

Azeem started in-house briefly before he moved agency-side for several years. Then, he moved back in-house, where he now leads a team of marketers across several channels.

Azeem tweets about all areas of marketing, including SEO, PPC, Display, Social Media, Apps, and Programmatic, as well as diversity and inclusion.

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Isaline Muelhauser

Isaline Muelhauser


I love that SEO is about making projects and ideas visible. It’s wonderful to contribute to the success of a team.

Isaline has a business impact-oriented, problem-solving mind. She’s been a marketing lead, content writer, and SEO consultant. Step-by-step, Isaline focused her work on websites, then on performance through tracking results. She works like she trains; success comes with regularity and enthusiasm.

Isaline tweets about multilingual SEO, her journey as an SEO consultant in the Swiss market, and the outdoors. She also loves to amplify inspiring voices and share information about the speakers she welcomes at SEOnerdSwitzerland and Content Strategy Lausanne.

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Olga Zarzeczna

Olga Zarzeczna


I love SEO because it keeps me learning, reading and updating my knowledge. SEO is fascinating and exciting, I feel that I’m constantly making progress and moving forward.

Olga is an SEO consultant who specializes in technical SEO audits. She’s been in the SEO industry since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2020 that she started her own SEO blog, where she shares her knowledge, experience, and passion for search.

Olga tweets about her SEO experience and shares her infamous, in-depth SEO guides with the search community.

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Jean-Christophe Chouinard

Jean-Christophe Chouinard


In SEO, there isn’t a unique strategy that works for all. It takes creativity, knowledge, technical and analytical skills and an ability to move an organisation towards a common goal in order to achieve better rankings. Exciting isn’t it?

JC learned SEO in the employment industry while working on the leading Canadian job board, jobillico.com. He specialized in technical SEO and learned python along the way to help with data analysis. JC started blogging about Python, SEO, and web development on jcchouinard.com. This led him to move to Australia to occupy a senior SEO specialist role at seek.com.au.

JC tweets about enterprise SEO, Python for SEO, machine learning, and web development.

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Kristine Schachinger

Kristine Schachinger


I love that in SEO you can never become bored. There is always something new to learn or a client site to challenge you. Also the community, they are like family.

Kristine’s SEO journey began like many others — not doing SEO. She graduated college with a degree in Art & Sociology, which meant she was a Barista for a year. Then, Kristine applied for a job doing HTML & Web Design. She was hired, trained, and made a career out of it. Along the way, she discovered SEO and loved it — especially the strong community. Eventually, SEO became almost all of what she does.

Kristine tweets about SEO, news, humor, politics, and anything else she finds interesting.

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Mary Albright

Mary Albright


SEO forces you to think about the user; everything we do in SEO is based on what the user is telling us they need/want/desire through their search queries.

In college, Mary learned to code doing research. Then, she made her foray into the ad world through a brand strategy position. She initially focused on content strategy before leaning into SEO. Now, Mary’s journey has come full circle. She combines her past coding skills with her desire to make data-backed content strategies based on SEO insights.

Mary tweets about SEO, content strategy, and automation.

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Jose Hernando

Jose Hernando


I love the SEO community, because a lot of people share their experiences, successes and failures and that collective knowledge is making all of us smarter.

Jose’s first SEO job was working for a small agency startup. Although their budget was small, it provided an excellent learning environment with plenty of hands-on experience. That led to a tech SEO role in a mid-sized agency which unlocked bigger clients. Today, Jose runs his own team and works with larger, more complex websites. He’s also focused on developing their product offering through training and process automation.

Jose tweets about technical SEO, SEO automation, JavaScript/Node.js, web dev, and occasionally he shares silly GIFs.

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Gus Pelogia

Gus Pelogia


Everything in SEO excites me! I love all the analysis, theories, and creative ways we find to test and solve problems.

Gus is a former journalist who turned SEO expert in 2012. He recently started as SEO Lead at Teamwork, a project management software. Before this, Gus worked in-house and at agencies in Argentina, Netherlands, and Ireland, but never in his own country, Brazil.

Gus tweets about technical, content, and backlinks. He always adds to the conversation, and rarely retweets.

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Heba Said

Heba Said


SEO gives me this passion. I love looking into the SERPs and finding ways to help my clients and their users to get what they need through my work.

Heba’s SEO journey began when she was hired for a remote search engine optimization job before she even knew what SEO was. As a result, she had to teach herself everything while working, and she was hooked ever since. Heba loves thinking like a user to develop search strategies for her clients. She’s now a freelance consultant with more than 6 years of experience in tech, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO for projects in the US & Canada. Heba’s speaking credentials include NigeriaSEO webinar and VirtuaCon 3.0.

Heba tweets about Google search updates, insights from SEOs in our community, SERP features, and A/B testing. She also shares advice about self-motivation and self-learning.

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Linda Hogenes

Linda Hogenes


There’s never a dull moment in SEO. There’s always something to learn and discover. It just perfectly suits me.

Linda’s career began in marketing, and that led to digital marketing. For the past seven years, she’s been Head of SEO at Coolblue, which focuses on eCommerce in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Linda has managed website migrations and navigated multilingual websites across different countries.

Linda tweets about tech SEO, especially around conferences such as #brightonseo.

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Nikki Halliwell

Nikki Halliwell


I love that SEO is always changing and is a continuous process of improvement. No matter how many websites I see or audits I complete, no two have the same issues.

Nikki is a self-taught SEO with a passion for site speed and technical search engine optimization, which she picked up working agency-side. She enjoys the fast pace of agency life and getting to tackle many different types of client issues.

Nikki tweets about website migrations, audits, eCommerce SEO, site speed, and the latest news and developments in the industry. Not to mention #TechSEOTuesdays

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Lucy Kirkness

Lucy Kirkness


I love SEO because it’s fast paced and always evolving which satisfies my curiosity and constant desire to learn.

Lucy began her career in SEO after a short stint as a private investigator, full of curiosity! After several years at an agency in London, she began consulting for various startups and then leaped into freelance life. All of that experience led Lucy to start her own SEO agency, Pandable.

Lucy tweets about SEO, business, investing, culture, and working remote.

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Clorinda Donovan (a pen name)

Clorinda (a pen name)


I like puzzles, so for me search engine optimization is in fact like a puzzle I have to solve.

Clorinda started her SEO journey near the end of 2019 while she was building a website for the first time. To get up to speed, she took a specialization course by Rebecca May and Eric Enge. Now she freelances in SEO and other areas. Although she’s new to the industry, Clorinda is a perfect example of the smart, curious folks who bring value to SEO discussions on Twitter by asking great questions and always engaging in discussions.

Clorinda retweets lots of SEO experts, but she also adds value to discussions by asking questions and being a little silly. She is a positive force for everybody she follows.

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Dipti Parmar

Dipti Parmar


SEO is just as vast and complex today as it was when I was a newbie 13 years ago. The “experts” advise you to chase users and not the Google algorithm, but it’s obvious what’s more fascinating. I’ll pick the latter any day!

Dipti earned her degree in computer science and sort of fell into the world of SEO where she worked her way up through several digital marketing agencies. Dipti has contributed to numerous leading publications such as Inc, Entrepreneur, Adobe’s CMO.com, IDG’s CIO.com, and so on. Eventually, she founded her own content marketing agency, 99stairs, with her best friend Rohan Ayyar.

You can usually find Dipti engaged in Twitter chats about content marketing and SEO such as #SEOtalk. I also love these discussions because they’re an excellent way to learn and meet new folks. Dipti occasionally tweets about anything hi-tech or digital. And, she’s a bit of a fashionista, so she shares fun fashion advice and outfit pics now and then.

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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson


SEO lets me work on a lot of disparate problems and play with multiple technologies. There’s always a new wonderful and/or weird technique to learn.

Chris ended up in SEO after years in the wilderness of not quite figuring out how his skills would translate into a proper job. Eventually, he came to realize that his accumulated knowledge of web development meant that Technical SEO was a perfect fit.

Chris tweets about experimenting with fun web technologies free tools that make your professional or creative work on the web a lot easier.

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Diana Richardson

Diana Richardson


Working in SEO, you never experience the same day twice. No two sites are the same. I love investigating, I love research, I love people and I love data – so SEO is perfect.

Diana has been in SEO since 2006 when she answered an ad in the paper for a company transitioning from print to digital. After 12 years of working with SMBs & large OEMs, she accepted a new job as Digital Marketing Director for a boutique brand agency where she learned about storytelling in content. Now, Diana works at Semrush and talks about SEO all day.

Diana tweets about SEO, digital marketing, food, wine, working out, social media marketing, TV, and movies.

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Jeff Coyle

Jeff Coyle


Search engine optimization is a socially-acceptable way to get paid to do puzzles.

Jeff’s journey covers 22 years. He grew traffic and built search engine products for content strategy, SEO, lead generation, and CRO in-house, then transitioned to building and scaling the standard for content intelligence, NLP & SEO software platforms as a SaaS founder. Jeff is a Co-founder and CSO at MarketMuse.

Jeff tweets about content strategy, SEO, technical SEO, tips, events and beer.

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Itamar Blauer

Itamar Blauer


I’m passionate about helping others learn and progress within SEO – both on my website and YouTube channel.

Itamar’s SEO journey has always been about testing (and sometimes challenging) the norm. His search engine optimization experience includes freelance work, in-house, and agency roles. Itamar values the relationships he’s built with some amazing individuals in the SEO community who have helped him learn and grow along the way. He also shares valuable information on his YouTube channel.

Itamar tweets about SEO, video marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing.

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Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge


I love the challenges that SEO brings and its constant evolution. The SEO community as a whole is possibly one of the most inclusive too.

Jason got his start in the SEO industry nearly 18 years ago while working on websites in his college dorm room. At the time, he didn’t realize he could turn that into a career. Through various jobs and agency experiences, Jason started BlackTruck Media + Marketing in 2009 which focuses on honest search marketing strategies.

Jason tweets about SEO, SEM, and digital marcom strategies and how they impact a variety of industries. Occasionally he tweets about business leadership and culture, as well as his passion for vintage cars.

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Ben Garry

Ben Garry


I find SEO fascinating. I love trying to keep up with its ongoing evolution, and I’m particularly intrigued by the relationship between language and search performance.

Ben has been involved in SEO since he graduated from college. He worked his way up from a junior SEO to a content specialist at Impression – an agency in the UK. Ben combines his long-time love for language and writing with SEO by focusing on content creation and optimization.

Ben primarily tweets about SEO. He shares articles that he finds interesting and comments on his day-to-day work. He also tweets about an organic search podcast that he co-hosts called RankUp.

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Silvia Martin

Silvia Martin


I am a curious mind, and I love learning and doing new things and solving challenges. I like the fact that SEO is always evolving and each website has its own challenges.

Silvia discovered SEO while doing a Marketing Master’s Degree in Paris. Then, she moved to London and started working for a startup. That led Silvia to do in-house SEO for a few travel brands before working agency-side for two years. Now, she’s a Freelance SEO Consultant.

Silvia mainly tweets about her passion for Tech SEO. She also shares interesting SEO articles or tips and things related to freelancing. She uses Twitter to keep up to date, engage with others, and feel connected to the digital marketing community.

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Sophie Brannon

Sophie Brannon


SEO offers an endless opportunity to learn, to be inspired and to teach. It’s an ever changing subject that keeps you on your toes!

Sophie entered SEO as a copywriter in 2016 before she moved into SEO account management. Currently, she leads the SEO department at Absolute Digital Media, a full-service digital agency. Sophie works across a broad range of industries, conducting in-depth auditing and crafting integrated strategies across technical SEO, content, and offsite.

Sophie tweets actionable SEO tips and insights, and she shares other expert advice from some of the top professionals in the industry. If you’re lucky, you may find tweets about her pet ball pythons, football, the occasional meme, and shouting about her amazing colleagues and team at Absolute.

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Alessio Nittoli

Alessio Nittoli


SEO is unique because you know exactly what users want. It is a broad and difficult topic, but it opens your mind to think differently.

Alessio started in SEO with affiliate marketing during college. Since then, he has worked for agencies and spent time as an in-house SEO specialist. In 2017, thanks to Hamlet Batista, Alessio started learned Python to automate his daily tasks. Now, Alessio works as an SEO specialist at eBay Classifieds Group.

Alessio tweets about his passion for neural networks and SEO. He recently launched a tool called NeuralText to help writers and SEOs speed up their work, so he occasionally tweets updates about that project.

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Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz


I find SEO exceedingly interesting and often interwoven with other marketing channels. There’s always more to learn, which is both a challenge and a delight.

Crystal never intended to do SEO. She began her career in marketing because she wanted to be a web designer. Her experience ranges from in-house to agency to freelance work. Crystal doesn’t consider herself an SEO. But, somehow, she keeps finding herself meeting it with fondness and curiosity.

Crystal retweets marketers daily. She also tweets about life, being a new mom, political topics, and job postings.

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Remco Tensen

Remco Tensen


There are so many ways to make money in SEO by building a role that fits your skills. And there are tons of friendly people willing to help.

Remco’s SEO journey began by studying logistics and working as a copywriter before he spent five years with Ematters, a marketing agency in Amsterdam. Remco’s experience includes being an editor, SEO, manager, and director at various companies. He even taught SEO in classes for people on the Autism Spectrum. Now he’s starting a new SEO company called Built on Success.

On Twitter, Remco loves to hang out in chats and debate. Depending on the day, he can either be philosophical or a bit cheeky. He shares tips about the coaching and business side of search, as well as advice for entry-level SEOs. Remco frequently shows up in the SEO megathread: a great place to meet SEOs, make friends, and support each other.

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Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick


Depending on your niche, SEO is often the most scalable and cost effective form of marketing when done correctly.

7 years ago, Andy started a lead generation business which he grew to a turnover of £2.5 million using SEO. After he sold the business, Andy’s passion for teaching led him into consulting. Last year, Andy joined forces with his business partner and launched Snippet Digital, a specialized SEO consultancy developing tools that utilize machine learning and AI to help perform SEO tasks.

Andy tweets about keyword research, intent classification, machine learning, AI, and rugby. He also posts a few jokes and funny anecdotes from time to time.

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Chris Silver Smith

Chris Silver Smith


SEO is much like the many various Rubik’s Cube-type puzzles I grew up loving! There are so many facets one can solve — I love it!

Chris began researching SEO and Local SEO in 1997 while working for Verizon’s Superpages.com. He eventually was awarded Verizon’s highest employee award for his SEO projects. Chris later worked for a few top SEO agencies before founding his own agency which is devoted to broader SEO, local SEO, and online reputation management.

Chris tweets about online marketing, broader SEO, local SEO, reputation management, and litigation involving defamation and trademark infringement. (And sometimes his cats!).

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