High-Quality Outreach at Scale

At the heart of Terakeet’s Chorus SEO technology is the ability to drive authentic connections and engagement with your audience through precision-targeted, personalized outreach to industry publishers who already have the attention of your ideal customer. Chorus filters through millions of potential partners, publishers, and influencers to connect your brand through innovative content strategies with only the most relevant websites. The results are organic backlinks, mentions, and significant brand love.

Identify. Connect. Measure.

Identify the right publishers.

We use advanced discovery tools to precision-target the most relevant partners for your brand, constantly scouring the web for new publishers, influencers, and conversations that bring value to your audience.

Connect with online publishers.

Through personalized outreach, we engage with each partner individually, customizing the approach for every community. Chorus’s built-in tools allow for unprecedented scale in personalization and dialogue, a critical factor in driving greater engagement.

Measure the impact on your brand.

Access your KPIs instantly through your custom Chorus dashboards. You can also see how your site stacks up against competitors in a particular space, and receive actionable insights from our expert analysis.

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Search engines like Google are the gateway to the web. When people are looking for answers, shopping for a product, or researching a brand, they trust the results Google provides. Our enterprise SEO solutions help you win in Google’s trusted organic results, meeting your customers where and when they need you.

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