Strategic Outreach

Effective Engagement. At Scale.

Terakeet delivers the most robust, scalable outreach solutions in the market. Nothing even comes close. Our Chorus technology precisely targets the right publishers and influencers for your campaigns to deliver hundreds, or even thousands, of partner activities that lead to authentic backlinks and greater organic search visibility.

Terakeet’s Strategic Outreach

As a key component of Terakeet’s organic search solutions, we engage with authoritative and influential website owners, directing links back to your relevant web pages – maximizing organic search results and introducing your brand to customers throughout the marketing funnel.

We take the time to find the right sites that can represent your brand well. Our pitches are unique, effective, and collaborative. We’re performing outreach in a way that no other company in the industry can.

Maeve Wood, Associate Outreach Director, Terakeet

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