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We help you find more of your customers in unexpected places, understand their immediate needs, and connect in meaningful ways to build lasting relationships.

Organic search is the only channel that accrues value with time.

While paid search ads provide a modest, fixed return on investment (ROI), organic search investments accrue value over time, providing much higher returns and over a longer time span. Brands have spent the last two decades subsidizing Google’s free search through tens of billions of advertising dollars—fighting for the small fraction of searchers who actually click on paid ads. Don’t let short-term gains obscure the long-term picture.

Organic Search Advantages

+71% of Click Share

5x (or higher) ROI

Exponential Reward Following Initial Rampup

Long Term Dividends on Earned Positions

Get the ROI you’ve been looking for.

Google itself says your ROI on organic search is 5.3x versus just 2x from paid search. An investment in organic search optimization is an investment in sustainable results. The top three positions in Google account for more than 50% of all organic non-branded clicks and 60% of all branded organic clicks. Terakeet’s proprietary technology informs an unmatched, holistic search strategy that’s leagues above the competition.

Let’s elevate your brand

Most companies dramatically underspend on organic search while drastically overspending on paid ads, which results in a disappointing return on investment. Businesses also often struggle to implement a full-scale organic search strategy on their own. Our technology and unique approach does the heavy lifting for you, highlighting your brand to searchers at every stage of the customer journey. As a result, your company becomes a trusted, familiar resource for consumers throughout the purchase funnel.

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Our unique technology and solutions help you win consumer attention in Google’s trusted organic search results, creating long-term business value.

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