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    Terakeet will review all requests, but may only provide reports to companies that meet certain criteria. After submitting a request, our team will contact eligible companies within two business days to review custom reports.

    Our technology analyzes the digital landscape, calculates your brand’s performance, and identifies new ways to connect with your consumers.

    What You’ll Gain From a Custom Report

    A snapshot of which brands control the most Google market share in your industry.

    Unique insights to help you build an intentional performance marketing strategy.

    Highlighted opportunities for growth, including high-value target categories and revenue projections.

    Why Organic Search Market Share Matters

    Customers use search throughout the buyer’s journey, and brands that dominate Google market share are first in line to meet them. By increasing market share, you increase your influence on purchasing decisions and your brand’s overall profitability.

    About Our Technology

    We gather unique marketing data and insights using Carina, our best-in-class proprietary technology. Carina utilizes sophisticated organic search research tools, including market analysis, ROI modeling, competitive analysis, and more.

    Request a complimentary organic search market share report

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