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We believe the most effective way to connect with your customers isn’t with a megaphone, it’s with a conversation. Terakeet has spent decades perfecting our technology and processes to pinpoint your customer’s needs and help you forge deeper relationships with them.


Who We Are

Our Values

With a passion for delivering results, our work is driven by a deep commitment to upholding our five core values.

Upholding the highest standards of trust and character throughout the organization.
Sustainable Value
Creating long-term return on investment for customers.
Empowering every individual, no matter their role, with the ability to control the destiny of the company.
Continuing the legacy of actualizing the company’s first-to-market ideas and strategies.
Rapid Response
Listening to customers and providing the attention of an ambitious startup firm no matter how large we grow.

Every day I feel like I’m learning something new and also being able to instill my own knowledge on others. Innovation and idea generation are so widely accepted around here. From the Executive Management Team, down to a person that just stepped foot into Terakeet — everyone can make an impact!

Brenna Bastian, Director of Talent Acquisition, Terakeet

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Community Engagement

We believe in giving back and engaging with those in need. By using our creativity, curiosity, and our passion for data, we partner with non-profit organizations to provide our communities with the resources needed to make a difference in people’s lives.

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