Increased the number of keywords ranking in the top three positions in Google by 1,081% within 18 months


Increased Google organic traffic 9.6x within 30 months


Increased linking domains by 152% within 18 months


Terakeet delivered Enterprise SEO solutions for our client in four key areas:

Technical SEO

Terakeet worked closely with our customer’s web development team to implement changes that improved site speed. We also restructured their key web pages to better qualify target pages to rank for valuable keywords.

Content Strategy

Terakeet delivered new content ideas and optimized existing blog content to transform the blog into an organic traffic magnet. As a result, Google top 3 keyword rankings grew by 1,081% within 18 months.

Strategic Outreach

Through targeted strategic outreach, Terakeet earned more than 470 backlinks from high-end publishers and partners. We reclaimed broken and missing links and engaged publishers with unique new content. Our campaigns increased linking domains to our client’s website by 152% within 18 months.

The engagement has been highly successful, with our client providing Terakeet with an NPS rating of 9 out of 10.

Increased the number of linking domains to the website by 152% within 18 months.

Strategic Outreach Results


Achieved a total audience reach from publisher content of 13.38 million


Secured 478 unique content placements from curated publisher relationships


Drove more than 5,847 audience engagements, comments, shares etc.