Increased the CTR on the content website by 13,650% within 5 months


Increased total clicks from zero to roughly 115,526 within 7 months


Expanded Google market share by 1.4% in a market with 34.5 million monthly searches


Terakeet established a blog within the online streaming service’s content site to help increase search visibility, drive more traffic, and boost engagement. The SEO and content development program focused on delivering full-scale blog implementation, including content strategy, planning, development, and optimization, on a content site that historically was lacking in any kind of organic search performance. 

Through Terakeet’s efforts, the online streaming service achieved record-breaking traffic, onsite clicks, and new subscribers from organic search.

Looking at the market overall, Terakeet helped to increase Google organic search market share by 1.4% within 5 months through robust content centered on viewing guides in a market with 34.5 million monthly Google searches, putting the brand on track to become the market share leader among all streaming services.

Terakeet truly is one of my all time favorite partners to work with.

We knew we needed to be more visible in search but had no clue how to make it happen. With Terakeet at the reigns, our traffic just keeps getting better!

More Results

Based on our SEO and content development initiatives, Terakeet achieved the following results within 7 months for the online streaming service:


Increased Google page one rankings from zero to 1,136.


Increased total Google organic search impressions from zero to 2.1 Million (within 7 months).

Market Leader

On track to become the Google organic search market share leader among all streaming services.