Increased Google organic search market share by 166.6% within 2 months after a decline.


Increased monthly life insurance applications by 66% YoY (a new site record) within 16 months.


Increased the number of Google top 3 ranking keywords by 69.9% within 16 months.


Terakeet delivered full-scale navigation changes, optimized content, conducted strategic outreach, and improved E-A-T (Expertise – Authority – Trust). Within the scope of the project, Terakeet managed 60 priority pages including six primary revenue-generating pages in the website. As a result, the company achieved record organic market share, traffic, and applications for life insurance.

Internal Linking Structure

Terakeet helped overhaul the insurance marketplace’s website navigation for stronger internal linking and a better UX. This included a clearer, more structured site-wide top nav. The changes provided a consistent domain-wide view of the key sections of the site and enabled site visitors to navigate to relevant product types more directly. Side navigation updates created a more defined hierarchy of pages within the life insurance section.

Content Optimization

Terakeet updated and optimized the content across the entire life insurance section of the website. This included new updates every month for the core set of revenue-driving pages. By developing buyer personas and mapping the customer journey, Terakeet’s content modifications ensure that site visitors find the content that answers their questions at each respective stage of the journey.

Strategic Outreach

Terakeet has been engaging with high-quality publishers and content creators in the development of targeted content placements for the client. Terakeet’s strategic outreach has resulted in a significant increase in DA40+ websites pointing links at the insurance marketplace’s website. In addition, the outreach has achieved a faster link velocity than the client’s top competitors, resulting in a stronger link profile for life insurance than any website in the competitive set.

Improve E-A-T

The insurance marketplace experienced a significant drop in head terms for the life insurance landing page due to a lack of E-A-T on main pages. Terakeet worked to increase E-A-T with the following: 

  • Schema
  • Citations
  • Expert authors
  • Public profiles
  • “Reviewed by” bylines
  • Iterative QA to align with intent
  • UX-friendly design

Terakeet’s full-scale enterprise SEO solution delivered record organic market share, traffic, and life insurance applications.

More Results

Based on our SEO initiatives, Terakeet achieved the following results within 15 months for the insurance marketplace:

  • Generated a market share rebound of 166.6% within 2 months after an algo-driven decline — outranking every single insurance carrier in the industry
  • Improved the ranking for a search term with 246,000 monthly U.S. searches from Google position #84 to page one
  • Increased Google top 3 ranking keywords by 69.9% YoY, helping to lead to record-breaking traffic numbers
  • Increased monthly life insurance applications by 66.0% YoY within 16 months (a new site record)
  • Achieved an extremely low CPA — in the range of a paid search CPC for the same keywords
  • Tripled the number of unique DA40+ referring domains — resulting in a stronger link profile than all top competitors