Increased YoY organic monthly revenue by 30.2% within 15 weeks


Turned a YoY organic traffic decline of 9.67% into a 4.8% increase


Increased YoY organic monthly orders by 38.9% within 15 weeks

Solution – Technical SEO

Due to the severity of the technical problems uncovered in the client’s website, Terakeet focused primarily on technical SEO for this national retailer.

Among the issues uncovered, the client’s development and staging sites were ungated and indexed by Google, leading to a massive level of duplicate content online. Not only was this damaging from an SEO perspective, but also enabled competitors to view upcoming plans for the site and prospective shoppers to look for sales and better deals instead of making an immediate purchase. Through our technical SEO process, approximately 33,900 duplicate pages were eliminated.

On top of this, the web pages were loading slowly due to technical configuration issues. Terakeet provided technical consultation and guidance on a variety of factors (e.g., removing unused JavaScript that was loading on every page in the site) in reducing the page load time by 34%.

The various technical SEO initiatives turned organic traffic around, from the YoY decline of 9.67% to a 4.8% YoY traffic increase (along with 34,145 new ranking keywords) within 15 weeks.

The result was a YoY organic monthly revenue increase of 30.2%, translating into millions in incremental monthly revenue for our client.

Terakeet’s technical SEO implementation resulted in 34,145 new ranking keywords within 15 weeks.

Technical SEO Results

Terakeet achieved the following results within 15 weeks:


Eliminated 33,900 duplicate pages


Accelerated site speed by reducing page load time by 34%


Increased the number of ranking keywords by 34,145