Increased Google organic market share by 265% within 22 months


Increased the business value per blog visit by 429% within 22 months


Increased monthly organic page views by 11.3x within 22 months


Enterprise SEO

Terakeet delivered solutions in multiple areas of Enterprise SEO, including competitive analysis, technical SEO, content SEO, user experience, and strategic outreach. Terakeet focused on publishing optimized blog posts across four websites, increasing the volume of posts from a handful to 150 per month as the posts gained further and further traction over time.

Within two months, monthly organic traffic increased 29%. Within 22 months, monthly organic traffic increased 650%. In addition, Google organic market share increased by 265%, representing a larger improvement than any competitor in the organic search market share landscape for mortgages and related financial categories.

User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization

Terakeet collaborated with the client on the user experience to ensure users would get content they felt to be valuable and would take an action to facilitate the customer journey. Terakeet collaborated with the client on tests and improvements across content, design, and tech, meeting with the client’s UX team on a weekly basis.

Website Acquisition

Terakeet thought outside the box and acquired a credible third-party website to help gain incremental SERP visibility and leads, while pushing competitors down the page.

High Implementation Rate

One of the reasons for the massive gains in Google organic ranking keywords, traffic, value per visit, and organic market share was an implementation rate of Terakeet’s recommendations of more than 80%. This is a relatively high implementation rate, and it speaks volumes as the results that can be achieved when most SEO recommendations are implemented.

“When referring Terakeet to others, I struggle to find words to respond to what Terakeet could potentially do better, besides just — doing more of what Terakeet currently does. — If I were going to start my own business, I would want them on the team.”

More Results

  • Increased monthly organic blog traffic by 29% within 2 months
  • Boosted monthly organic traffic by 650% within 22 months
  • Grew Google organic market share by 265% within 22 months
  • Increased the value per organic visit by 429% within 22 months
  • Secured 371 third-party content placements with backlinks within 22 months
  • Increased keywords ranking on Google page one by 669% within two years
  • Expanded total Google ranking keywords by 425% within 23 months
  • Increased organic page views by 11.3X within 22 months