Increased the number of Google top 20 keywords for the blog post by 4,840% within 5 months


Created the #1 top trafficked post in the client’s blog within 5 months

Page 1

Keywords for this post improved from position 52 to an average position of 7


Terakeet delivered Enterprise SEO solutions for our client in four key areas:

Among the SEO initiatives we undertook for the client, we identified a unique opportunity to optimize a blog post focused on the target topic.

Competitive Insights

Based on a competitive landscape and content gap analysis, we provided creative content ideas to improve alignment with search intent and help the post stand out against online competitors.

Technical SEO

Terakeet provided on-page optimization recommendations which improved keyword rankings and boosted organic visibility.

Strategic Outreach

In addition, Terakeet conducted strategic outreach campaigns to relevant publishers. Those efforts resulted in unique content placements as well as 74 backlinks from high-quality domains.

Secured 74 referring domains to the blog post!