Drive 12.2x ROI With SEO

A new Terakeet study reveals the compounding value of SEO vs other marketing channels.

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Sustainable, Compounding Growth

Organic search is the only marketing channel that gains equity over time.

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More Customers, Lower CAC

Organic search delivers customers for 87% less than paid search.


Unbeatable Marketing ROI

Terakeet has recently seen as high as 12.2x ROI.


Transform Your Marketing Strategy

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A study of Terakeet customers revealed:

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Organic search delivers business at 87.4% lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) than paid search.

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Terakeet customers have seen up to 12.2X ROI using organic search strategies.

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Google’s organic search results generate 10-20X more clicks than paid ads.

Capitalize on Your Brand’s Potential

The Compounding Value of Organic Search: How Brands Are Missing Out on 12.2X ROI by Underestimating the Impact of Organic Search

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