Increased CTR on preferred content for branded “review” searches by 456%


Recovered more than $32.7 million monthly sales


Flipped Google page one for brand name searches to 100% preferred content


Terakeet delivered Branded SEO solutions for our client in four key areas:

Branded SEO

Terakeet earned preferred content in the SERPs for two key branded terms, superseding unfavorable content and demoting it off page one. The scope included searches on the brand name as well as on “reviews” of the brand.

Terakeet recommended a new, dedicated customer reviews page on the client’s website. Terakeet not only wireframed the page, but also provided all technical and content guidance.

Terakeet assisted the company in addressing inaccuracies and violations on community web pages, such as Wikipedia, in line with website/Wikipedia guidelines.

As one result, the company achieved a more accurate and sustainable Wikipedia entry that also facilitated a more accurate Google Knowledge Panel.

We also worked with the company on a program to generate more reviews across various review platforms.


Based on Terakeet’s branded SEO initiatives, we achieved the following results:

  • Recovered $32.7 million in monthly customer sales.
  • Superseded and demoted all three unfavorable listings in brand name searches, resulting in zero misleading results on Google page one.
  • Solidified the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles on Google page one for brand name searches.
  • Secured positions #1 and #2 on Google page one for branded review queries, whereas the brand had not been ranking at all previously.
  • Increased CTR for preferred content on Google page one for brand review searches by 456%.
  • Earned page-one visibility for the brand’s Trustpilot profile that ultimately improved from 3 unfavorable reviews to over 12,000 credible, 5-star “Excellent” reviews.
  • Decreased unfavorable listings on Google page one for brand reviews from 60% to 30%.

Trustpilot had 3 unfavorable reviews when the brand approached Terakeet. The company now has over 12,000 credible, 5-star ‘Excellent’ reviews.