Top 50

Flipped Google’s first five pages of search results from 12 negative listings to zero


Transformed the Google Knowledge Panel and advanced search features from negative to positive


Reduced monthly Google page one clicks on negative content from 8,421 to zero


Branded SEO

In implementing branded SEO for the CEO, Terakeet delivered solutions in four key areas:

Among our many activities, Terakeet capitalized on the CEO’s extensive background to build positive SEO listings in the Google SERPs, and to push negative listings off the page. Terakeet provided technical on-page assistance across multiple websites featuring the CEO to strengthen each site as an asset.

For the client’s personal website, Terakeet not only wireframed the website, but also provided all technical guidance and copywriting.

Terakeet assisted the CEO in addressing inaccuracies and violations on community web pages, such as Wikipedia, in line with website/Wikipedia guidelines.

As one result, the CEO achieved a more accurate and sustainable Wikipedia entry that also facilitated a more accurate Google Knowledge Panel.

Terakeet built out social profiles for the CEO, which are now ranking on Google page one.

Terakeet continues its strategic branded SEO efforts by producing weekly blog content on the CEO’s company website. In addition, we continually secure backlinks from publishers with articles covering the CEO, helping to drive authoritative and high quality link equity to the CEO’s new positive digital assets.

“Terakeet gets 11 points out of 10 from me. Their approach is so logical and they quite simply get results.”

– CMO, Fortune 1000 Company