Is Your Beauty Brand Winning in Google?

Terakeet's Google market share report reveals a major, untapped business opportunity for beauty retailers to capture greater organic market share.

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Know Your Digital Competitors

Billion dollar beauty retailers are losing market share to online beauty publishers, informational websites, and disruptive D2C brands.

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Connect with Your Customers

Strategic, humanized content enhances the connection with customers while they’re actively seeking information about beauty products or services.


Drive more Revenue

For established beauty brands who capitalize on organic search, there are billions of dollars in potential revenue at stake annually.

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Terakeet analyzed over 3,000 high-value beauty industry terms and discovered that:

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COVID changed consumer behavior, impacting both WHERE and HOW customers shop for beauty products.

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62% of the top 22 market share holders in the Skincare Market are publishers or informational websites.

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One beauty publication increased their market share more than 18x from 2019 - 2021 in the hair styling sector.

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